My Thigh Gap Is Back

//My Thigh Gap Is Back

My Thigh Gap Is Back

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“…and then one day you look in the mirror and say, ‘Holy crap, my thighs don’t touch!'”

That was Stephanie’s reaction when she realized it had actually worked and she got her thigh gap back.

Her own doubt almost prevented it from happening.

“I was completely skeptical, especially after my treatment. There’s no way something this quick and easy could actually work. Seriously, it was painless. No injections. No bruising. No way it’s gonna work, right? I drove home discouraged and measured my thighs.

“It was a little over a month when I first noticed a difference. By the end of two months, I had lost an entire inch on each thigh!”

Stephanie grew up a dancer very attuned to her physical appearance.

“We’re all critical of our bodies. We get older, change jobs, have kids, all the while life keeps taking its toll on us. You look in the mirror and are constantly reminded of the imperfections. For me, it was my inner thighs. No matter how much I exercised, my thighs wouldn’t budge. It’s the worst feeling feeling your thighs rub together.”

Her friends didn’t believe it worked.

“I get it.” Stephanie laughs. “I sound like one of those commercials, but it really does work. I’m proof. Plus, during those 2 months after the procedure…I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I actually gained 5 pounds. My husband and I went on an all-inclusive vacation with free food and drinks. The point is, my thighs still got smaller! I had gained weight and my thighs still shrunk.”

It’s the little things for Stephanie.

“I feel fantastic. My blue jeans fit better. And I’m way more comfortable wearing leggings. I don’t want to say CoolSculpting changed my life, but it sure made walking around a lot better.”