The Mile High Bulge

//The Mile High Bulge

The Mile High Bulge

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It creeped into my life while soaring amongst the clouds. Slowly, but not discretely. 

My stomach bulge.

My life as a flight attendant has been thrilling. For 19 years I’ve been serving both types of travelers: Business & Personal. I love my job. People are always excited to arrive at their destination and they love sharing their stories with you.

The bulge is my post-pregnancy story.

I had my son at 33, and with a lot of hard work, I lost most of my pregnancy weight within the first year there after. The treadmill and I became best friends. It just worked for me. Most hotels have a treadmill and I’m one who takes advantage of the amenities during a layover. 

The problem wasn’t the weight, but the extra baggage (no pun intended) that was left behind.

This bulge appeared on my lower stomach. A fat roll that wouldn’t go away. It protruded like a small squishy loaf of french bread. So I added sit-ups to my treadmill routine thinking “No problem. I’ll just exercise this away.”

Nope. Didn’t work.

Shapewear helped hide my bulge by pushing the fat roll up and around my mid-section. But those contraptions are just awful, especially when you’re flying from New York to L.A. They’re so uncomfortable. Just wearing them was a reminder of what I was trying to hide.

Then one day while connecting in Baltimore, I read about CoolSculpting in a magazine. My first thought was, “Right. No way. This is too good to be true.” But after reading the reviews and considering nothing else had worked, I decided to give it a try.

Let me just say, if you’re the shy and nervous type, then Cindy is the perfect person to see. She put me right at ease while explaining how the procedure worked, what to expect, and answered all my questions. The office is highly professional. Any skepticisms I had were eliminated.

…as was my bulge!!!

It was a little over a month when I first noticed the change. My flight uniform had loosened around the waist and became comfortable again. No shapewear needed. I was ecstatic! I called Cindy and scheduled another treatment.

I’m happy to say, the bulge is now gone. I feel so much better. It really does work.

Thank you Soco Shaping.