Shelly Jelly Rolls

//Shelly Jelly Rolls

Shelly Jelly Rolls

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Growing up, I was the fat kid everyone called, Shelly Jelly Rolls.

The teasing began in middle school, as if I didn’t have enough going on with the acne, cramping, peer pressure, teachers, parents, boys, and the other girls. Everyday sparked a new challenge of what to wear, who are my friends, whom can I trust, how do I fit in. Life was an emotional roller coaster. I felt tossed around like sneakers in a dryer.

Now imagine dealing with all that AND being overweight.

My “Jelly Rolls” nickname stuck with me throughout high school like a shadow. I tried ignoring the bullying and acted as if it didn’t bother me. But the truth be told, many nights I fell asleep into a tear soaked pillow.

It hurt.

After graduation, I decided enough was enough. I hit the gym, changed my diet, and dropped three pant sizes. It was really hard work. There were times I felt defeated, that it was all useless. But in the end, I always found my motivation by recalling their voices, “Here comes Shelly Jelly Rolls. Here comes Shelly Jelly Rolls.”

Now that I’m older, it’s even more difficult to keep the fat off. My job is demanding. The long hours make it difficult to eat healthy. I workout when I can, but my waistline has turned into a camping ground for fat.

The moment I saw my “Jelly Rolls” coming back, I called Soco Shaping.

Yes, I was skeptical. It sounded too good to be true. You’re gonna freeze my stomach and in 30 days the fat will disappear? No injections, no downtime? No way.

Well, YES…it happened just like they said it would. By the seventh week my rolls had faded away! When I look in the mirror, I still can’t believe it worked.

I’ve picked out a dress for the next high school reunion and can’t wait to see their faces when I walk in.

No more Jelly Rolls…just Shelly.