She’s The Fun One

//She’s The Fun One

She’s The Fun One

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My sister Rachel was considered the “cuter” sister. She was the fun one all the high school boys asked out even though technically I am the older twin. 

Being a twin is great, I wouldn’t have it any other way. When Rachel and I were young, we could dress alike and nobody could tell us apart. We even fooled mom and dad a few times.

But twins don’t always look alike as they get older. Rachel and I kept our matching blue eyes and sandy brown hair, but after I had kids, that’s when it happened…BELLY FAT!

Saying I had a spare tire was an insult to spare tires!

It felt more like a tractor tire was wrapped around my mid-section. Nothing concealed it. I love playing tennis, but couldn’t stand wearing my tennis outfits. The bulge was always there. I felt it bounce up and down when I ran. It was completely disgusting.

Rachel, on the other hand, moved to California, got married, had kids, and kept her figure. Even after each of her pregnancies, she shot right back within months. She looked amazing.

I asked her, “What gives? How many hours a day do you workout? Do Californians really eat better than us Midwesterners?”

That’s when she told me about CoolSculpting. Apparently, it’s pretty popular in California. She showed me before and after pictures of her belly. I was shocked. She also had belly fat like mine, except hers had disappeared 3 months later.

She’s living proof it works!

(And now, so am I.)

CoolSculpting froze my belly bulge away. I don’t giggle when I run. My tennis game got better. Now it’s actually fun to shop for clothes. This has seriously changed my life.

Rachel might still be the fun one, but when it comes to cuteness…people do a double take.