Reduce Your Blood Pressure with Regular Saunas

//Reduce Your Blood Pressure with Regular Saunas

Reduce Your Blood Pressure with Regular Saunas

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“Sauna” is the only Finnish word in the English dictionary, and according to a recent article, regular saunas can reduce the risk for high blood pressure.

Most people acknowledge a sauna as the perfect post-workout routine for tight, sore muscles. The warm temperatures relax the body, cleanse the skin, and burn calories. But more importantly, saunas just feel good!

Studies now suggest that using a sauna on a regular basis is not only healthy, it can help prevent high blood pressure.

Based upon a 25 year study of over 1,600 men with normal blood pressure, the American Journal of Hypertension reported that 251 developed hypertension. When compared to those who took one or less sauna sessions per week, those that took 2-4 saunas per week were 24% less likely to develop hypertension, and those with 4-7 visits per week were 46% less likely.

Dr. Jari A. Laukkanen, a professor of medicine at University of Eastern Finland, believes even though the study is observational, the warmth of the sauna eases blood flow. After a hot sauna, the cooling down period induces a general relaxation which is helpful in moderating blood pressure.

Also during the sauna, a person will sweat which removes excess fluid, acting as a natural diuretic. Diuretics are commonly prescribed drugs to treat hypertension.

So on your next visit to the gym, go ahead and take the time to sauna…it’s good for your health.