My Revenge Against Breast Cancer

//My Revenge Against Breast Cancer

My Revenge Against Breast Cancer

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When it comes to cancer, just living past it is the real victory.

But what they say is true, living well is the best revenge.

Unfortunately, even after I was free and clear of the deadly disease, I was reminded of the cancer every time I looked in a mirror.

It’s the oddest feeling to be happy to be alive and yet hate your body so much.

I had my double mastectomy at forty-five. But it was my post-mastectomy boob-job that left me disfigured.

My surgeon did the best she could. There just wasn’t a lot of muscle tissue below my left armpit and I ended up with visible fat rolls next to my new breast.

I’ve never been a vain person, but I suddenly found myself excruciatingly self-conscious about my appearance. Sleeveless shirts were no longer an option. And forget bikini tops.

Running helped clear my head and weight lifting helped develop my muscles. But nothing I did changed the fat rolls bulging under my left arm.

When I heard about CoolSculpting I was skeptical. Freezing fat away sounded like science fiction — like it was too good to be true, especially for someone with my unique situation.

But what did I have to lose? So with my doctor’s reassurance I made an appointment with Cindy.

What can I say other than Cindy is the best! She truly cares and took the time to explain everything to me. The treatment took less than and hour. There weren’t any injections, scarring, or bruising. Only numbness, but that went away.

It was so easy and pain free, I figured it would never work.

Twenty-nine days later I noticed a change…the fat rolls were smaller!

I honestly was in shock. I couldn’t believe it. All those months trying to exercise away those fat rolls and Cindy shrunk them in twenty-nine days.

The fat continued to shrink over the next serval weeks, and so a couple months later I went in and had another treatment.

And now, the bulges no longer bulge!

I feel like my old self again. Sleeveless shirts have returned, as have spaghetti strap dresses. I even packed a bikini for our Jamaica vacation.

I am a survivor, complete with battle scars. I’m alive. But I didn’t just survive cancer. I’m now positive, confident, and — for the first time in years — comfortable with my new body.

And that really is the best revenge.