My 4 Year Old Calls Me Big Mama

//My 4 Year Old Calls Me Big Mama

My 4 Year Old Calls Me Big Mama

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My sweet little angel. For a boy who has difficulty listening when I tell him to stop throwing his toys or to quit running in the house, he sure can store and recall the most minuscule comments I make.

Brady was snuggled on the couch with his sippy-cup and blanket waiting patiently for story time. To be honest, I don’t even remember the book he picked out. But there I came rushing in with barely enough room for me between him and the end of the couch. I plopped down and announced, “Look out, Big Mama’s coming in!”

He giggled.

The next day, Brady and I went to the grocery store. He’s usually pretty good when we go to the store. He sits in the cart and hardly ever raises a fuss. We’re in the personal hygiene aisle of all places, when I excused myself and pushed my cart past another woman.

Brady yelled, “Look out, Big Mama coming through. Ha! Ha!”

The woman turned and smiled. My face burned with embarrassment. I told Brady that wasn’t very nice, and like a good boy, he apologized.

But that didn’t stop him a week later from belting out at the movie theatre as we walked to our seats, “Here comes Big Mama!”

Or at the pharmacy, “Big Mama needs medicine!”

Or while filling up the car with gasoline, “What stinks Big Mama?”

Normally, I’m not sensitive to my son’s wild remarks. I’ve heard enough poopy jokes to last me a lifetime. But the “Big Mama” stuff is hitting close to home. It’s been four years and I still haven’t been able to lose my pregnancy fat. It’s my belly. Everyone says it’s hard to lose and to just give it time.

Well, I was tired of waiting. I needed a jump start, something to motivate me.

The CoolSculpting procedure was super easy. I went in, they froze my stomach, it went numb, and I left a couple hours later. No injections. No scaring. No bruising. Just freezing.

My results appeared around 40 days. I waited one more month and went back in for another round, plus, I had Cindy freeze my love handles. It’s so easy…I think a person could get addicted to this!

Brady’s outgrown calling me Big Mama. It miraculously went away…just like my belly fat.