Mom Goodies

Mom Goodies

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…those lovely leave-behinds after your pregnancy. Extra rolls of fat along your waistline. I blame my son, Alex.

After your pregnancy, it’s expected you’ll have a few extra pounds to lose. I get that. After my first two children, I went to the gym and worked out with a trainer. Combined with a low fat diet, I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight in no time.

Then came Alex.

His “surprise” has turned into the greatest joy. Sleeps through the night, eats well, and doesn’t fuss much. He’s a happy baby that fits into our family like peanut butter and jelly. The girls love being big sisters to their baby brother. But his unexpected arrival wasn’t the only surprise. My Mom Goodies wouldn’t go away!

I did my normal routine of working out and dieting, figuring I might need a little more time now that I’m 34. My weight dropped, but the fat rolls had already laid their foundation and weren’t going anywhere. It was really frustrating. This wasn’t suppose to happen.

Things became serious four months later when I was still wearing my maternity pants. We had a dinner party for my husband’s office, and I couldn’t fit into anything. He said I looked good in the maternity pants, that they were fine and no one would even notice or care. But I cared. I was completely underdressed that evening and stood out like a hippo in a bath tub. Of course people noticed. I was so embarrassed.

Soco Shaping changed everything.

I scheduled my appointment the very next day. It was easy, just like they advertise. I needed two treatments on my stomach and two for my love handles. I was in and out in no time. Pain free and zero downtime.

Waiting for the fat cells to die and leave my body was difficult, I admit. But thirty days after my treatment, I began to notice my stomach roll shrinking. Two months later, my Mom Goodies were history, as were those maternity pants. I was right back into my pre-pregnancy clothes and felt great.

Now, I tell my family the only Mom Goodies I want are found in a jewelry store.