I Did It My Way

//I Did It My Way

I Did It My Way

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Everything changed after my divorce. I moved back to St. Louis, took a new job, and with little money swallowed my pride and lived at home with mom for six months. I was 38. Rock bottom arrived like an earthquake, unexpectedly sudden and shocking. Yet afterwards, it was easy to see how it had been developing for years.

It was time to make decisions that were in MY best interest.

The first thing I did to change my life was apply for a management position at the firm. It took courage. The old me would have thought, “Why try? You won’t get it anyway.” Thankfully, I didn’t listen to the old me. After I got the promotion, it only took a few months to get my feet on the ground and find my own place.

Once you realize how your decisions impact you, your life becomes better.

I joined a gym. Not because I needed to lose weight, but because I wanted to be healthy. I changed my wardrobe, got a new haircut, and created a style for who I wanted to be. Climbing the executive ladder wasn’t easy, but it was my choice.

That’s when I decided to lose my double chin.

I never cared about vanity until I started dressing for success. How you present yourself makes a difference. It’s not superficial, it’s reality. For the first time in my life I was making smart decisions that benefited me.

I chose CoolScupting because there is no downtime and no bruising. Nothing. In fact, the only evidence that I had the procedure done was the disappearance of my double chin. It took a couple months, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned, good things take time.

And this was a good thing.

I feel amazing. My job is great, I’m healthy, and I’ve even thrown myself back out there and started dating again. Life is an adventure you take day by day. But this time, I’m doing it my way.