Gym Rat

Gym Rat

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My arms were backwards. Where nice rounded biceps should have been laid flatness. There was nothing. A parking lot had more dips and curves than the tops of my arms did. Yet, underneath my arms where all the flatness should be instead hung lumps of giggly fat.

People say those are a woman’s wings. I call them embarrassment.

So at 42 I decided to beef up the arms and lose my wings. I hired Paul (my gym trainer) for help. He suggested a high-intensity weight lifting program, something different from my typical aerobic and cardio classes. It was challenging at first, but I soon took a weird liking to hanging out in the gym and lifting.

Paul was really into weight lifting. The tattoos plastered over his body emphasized his physique. He knew all the famous body builders and talked about their intense workouts. I pretended to appreciate Arnold Schwarzenegger’s calorie intake during the 1970 Mr. Olympia competition, but all I wanted was to lose my wings!

Over the following months, my body started to change. Biceps began forming and my core was getting stronger. I suddenly found myself lifting weights rather than going to aerobic classes. The other gym rats took notice and brought me into their tribe. I made new friends, like Donna, who helped me setup group workouts and encouraged to try different exercises. It was all very exciting for me.

But even though my biceps were forming, and I was strengthening the rest of my body, those damn wings hadn’t decreased at all. They just hung there. I looked even more ridiculous.

Discouragement must have been written all over my face, because Donna pulled me aside and asked if I knew of CoolSculpting. She praised the procedure for erasing her love handles. I laughed. Donna had the perfect body. I said, “There’s no way you EVER had love handles Donna.” She pulled out her phone and showed me pictures. My teeth almost fell out in disbelief!

I made an appointment at Soco that afternoon.

To this day I can’t believe my results came from something so easy. The whole thing took less than two hours. I was in and out. No pain. A couple months later I noticed my wings disappearing. They shrunk my lumps! I can’t describe how amazing this is.

My arms are no longer backwards thanks to CoolSculpting.