Fairy Tales Do Come True

//Fairy Tales Do Come True

Fairy Tales Do Come True

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It was November and I still hadn’t bought the dress. That’s because I never thought by December I could wear the dress. It all happened faster than I imagined.

The dress, a classic black skater with a flared skirt, was for Samuel’s parent’s New Year’s Eve party. It’s a big event where no expense is spared. Live music, catered food, open bar. Every year lots of people come and have a great time. And now that I am part of his family, I usually look forward to the event as well.

While we were engaged, Samuel and I always spotlighted the party. People thought we were the most adorable couple. I was the Belle of the Ball for our real-life fairy tale romance. But since the birth of our daughter, I needed a magic wand to return to my “princess” body.

Most of the pregnancy weight came off, but I still had this belly roll that wouldn’t go away. It just hung around, and I mean literally HUNG around.

Sit-ups, running, body pump…I tried everything. Nothing worked.

So by that November, the thought of dress shopping for the upcoming party made me cringe, and that’s when I decided to try CoolSculpting. Desperate times call for desperate measures. New Year’s Eve was just a month and a half away and I felt miserable.

As it turned out, my situation wasn’t hopeless at all. They told me I’d start to see results in 30 days after my treatment. I didn’t believe it, but was willing to try anything.

Sure enough, 32 days later I saw a difference. A considerable and noticeable difference. You guys literally froze my belly fat away! Overnight I went from dreading the party to being excited once again. I ran out and bought the dress. It perfectly fit around my new waistline.

At the party, everyone commented on how much I had slimmed down. It felt great. Samuel pulled me in close and told me he was the luckiest guy in the world. That I was his princess.

And just like they say…we are living happily ever after!