Banana Rolls

Banana Rolls

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It was my best feature. My backside. Not too big, not too small. Just right.

Then the Banana Rolls appeared.

Not overnight or anything, but it sure seemed like it. Bam! You glance into the mirror and suddenly there’s extra baggage below your bum.

No big deal, right? Go to the gym. Increase my squats. Throw in a few hamstring curls on the bosu ball. Burn it baby, burn it!


The more I worked my legs, the more it emphasized my Banana Rolls.

Why does fat buildup in all the wrong places???

I remember standing for coffee. My blue jeans bunched up in back. Denim rolls below each cheek. I didn’t have to see it…I could feel it!

Leggings? No better. I’d casually reach back. Yup. Bumps were there.

My best feature was no longer my best feature.

Soco Shaping said they could help. I remember thinking it was too good to be true. Freeze fat away. Impossible, right?

It wasn’t just possible…IT HAPPENED!!!

You’ll do it and won’t believe it’s working. You’ll expect it to hurt, but it doesn’t. You’ll convince yourself it was a waste of money, but you’ll be wrong.

My results came on day 47. Not overnight or anything, but it sure seemed like it.


One day they’re there, the next they’re not. Follow-up pictures prove it. Major reduction.

No more cheek rolls. No more bum bumps. All curve from cheek to leg. I got my butt back. It’s my best feature.