A Walk In The Park

//A Walk In The Park

A Walk In The Park

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Her ankle snapped. It sounded like celery stock breaking in half. Then, Allison was on the ground.

…and that was the day my life changed for the better.

Not from Allison’s broken ankle, heaven’s no. The poor thing slipped in the wet grass. Got her legs all crossed up and planted her right foot in the wrong direction. Twisted in a way a foot isn’t supposed to go. Thankfully the doctor said it was a clean break and would heal just fine.

My life change happened the moment before Allison fell. Of all things we were talking about my side fat.

This roll of fat that gathered at my waistline and hung just above my hips. I hear people call ‘em their “love handles,” but I don’t see the point cause there’s absolutely NOTHING to love about my side fat.

It’s been around in some shape or fashion for as long as I can remember. Even when I lost weight, my sides always felt big. They were just always there. And there’s no diet that I know of that targets your sides.

So Allison and I are walking along and I’m complaining like I always do, and that’s when she tells me she had it done.

I said What?

And she said My belly.

Apparently right after her son Myles was born. I couldn’t believe it. I never knew.

She’s telling me how super easy CoolSculpting was. Really cold, and then you wait a month.

I’m listening as she described the procedure, where to go, how it worked. I had never heard of such a thing. It all sounded too good to be true, yet there was Allison. She looked amazing.

And then, there was Allison, rolling on the ground in agony.

We joke about it now, especially since I went ahead and had my side fat frozen. Nothing before I’ve ever done has helped reduce my side fat like CoolSculpting. I still can’t believe it. My clothes fit me. No more rolling rolls. I’m all natural curves.

I thank it all to Allison for breaking her ankle!