A Gift Mom Couldn’t Refuse

//A Gift Mom Couldn’t Refuse

A Gift Mom Couldn’t Refuse

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Dad died when I was ten, leaving mom to raise me alone. I did what I did because mom would never do anything like this on her own. After all her sacrifices, I wanted to give her something she thought could never happen.

And that’s where our family back fat story begins.

No one knows where it all started, we just know we all have it. Grandma blamed her mother for giving it to her, and I’m sure she in turn blamed her mother. Our family tree is rippled with back fat.

It’s not a lot of fat, but it stands out, like two mini rolls on each side of the back. Right in the middle where everyone can see them. The mini rolls typically arrive in your late 20s and never go away. And the back fat doesn’t discriminate. The women in our family come in all shapes and sizes. It doesn’t matter, we all have the same problem.

Mom would tell me, “Gwen, you’re just gonna have to deal with it. There ain’t nothing to do about it.”

I couldn’t accept that.

So I hired Stephanie at the gym to teach me weight lifting. I was determined to find an exercise that would eliminate the fat. She showed me all sorts of machines that concentrated on my back muscles. The program was fantastic. I dropped a few pounds and really felt fit for the first time in my life.

You would have thought with all that exercising my back fat would have disappeared. Nope. I guess Mom was right, maybe there really wasn’t anything I could do.

Then I heard the CoolSculpting commercials.

People were saying it really works. They sounded so genuinely real and happy that I just had to learn more. I told Mom I was going to do it, and she said, “You’ll be disappointed.”

I did it.

…and I have no regrets.

My back fat disappeared a month and a half later. You can’t even tell where those mini fat rolls were. I couldn’t believe it. Gone. No more little humps.

Mom was speechless.

So I did it. I surprised her with CoolSculpting. Oh, she said, “You shouldn’t. I don’t want it.” But I knew she did. And you know what? She deserves it.

We can’t stop the back fat from appearing in our family, but now we can get rid of it!